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Greetings from Austin!

Posted by Sarah Wattick on Apr 6, 2018 10:48:53 AM

Greetings from Austin! We are attending the 10th annual InterFace Student Housing Conference and excited to share our experience with you!

The InterFace Student Housing Conference began with a Roundtable session, where we addressed the topic "How Technology Can Make Move-in / Move-out More Efficient for Both Staff and Students." The student housing professionals who visited our table all agreed that move-in and move-out can be a nightmare because of the heavy involvement and coordination from the on-site and corporate staffs. There was a warm reception when we shared highlights of our Converged Control software – an autonomous platform to provide front end-communication, access control, and back end billing & collection. Our guests agreed that Converged Control would be a great tool to make move-in and move-out more efficient.

Converged in Austin

During our time here, we were fortunate enough to attend several seminars focused on panel discussions. The panelists were an assortment of student housing professionals representing companies from capital firms that fund student housing development and purchasing, owner-operators, third party managers, and what Interface referred to as “the Power Panel” – consisting of fast-growing industry leader the Scion Group, and student housing veterans EdR Trust and American Campus Communities.

During the various seminars, we payed close attention to understand the pulse of the industry for 2018. Some of the most relevant topics from the panelists were:

  • Addressing the demand for internet connectivity in units and common areas.
  • The “amenities arms race.”
  • Common spaces dedicated to academic success.
  • Evolving technology both in units and common areas.
  • On-time delivery of assets under development.
  • Achieving accuracy with pro formas.
  • International capital investment in American student communities.
  • Raising ancillary money rather than trying to cut cost.
  • Creating excellent learning environments to appeal to Generation Z students.
  • Success of asset development based on location to campus.

We are very excited to continue these discussions as we strongly feel that our Converged Consult and Converged Connect programs will help partners achieve connectivity goals and the right amenity programs during the “amenities arms race.” We are also very excited to take a deeper dive in our Converged Control software with new partners, to help the make their operations more efficient so that they can focus on their residents.

The remainder of the conference will focus on educational sessions, networking with all possible student housing professional and exhibitors. We are excited to learn from these sessions and connect with partners and future clients.

To learn more about Converged Services in the student housing space, download our eBook below. cs_brandmark_200px.png

Download our National Presence Local Acumen eBook.

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