Is It Ever Okay to Sign a Long-Term Telecom Contract?

Posted by Sarah Locker on Feb 6, 2018 12:57:00 PM
Sarah Locker

We were recently asked by one of our clients if signing a long-term telecom services contract that would add ten years to their existing agreement term would be detrimental to their community and its residents due to the ever-changing technology landscape. Our answer, while specific to this client, can serve as a good rule of thumb for other communities that have the same concerns.

Essentially, when we promise our clients future-proof technology, we mean it. Not only do we ensure that the contracts we negotiate on behalf of our clients include the latest architecture that will be state-of-the-art for the next thirty-plus years, but we also ensure mid-term clauses are included to allow for our clients to maneuver within the term of the agreement. Additionally, our founding principle is to be our clients' advocate for the life of the telecom provider contracts. These reasons and the fact that many of the telecom providers we work with are market leaders and will continue to be long into the future have all put our clients' concerns at ease.


With future technologies inevitable, these providers are competing to not only be the industry-leader, but also the aggregators of the industry. As these future technology terms, such as "5G", are tossed around, it is important for our clients to be able to navigate through the technologies that will provide the most benefit to the community. For example, the industry does not see 5G being a major player for home bandwidth usage like fiber to the home (FTTH) is able to provide.

All in all, sometimes signing a long-term contract allows our clients to take advantage of benefiting from superior technology among other values, rather than waiting for their current agreement to expire.

Do you have concerns about signing a long-term contract? Contact us today to speak with a dedicated consultant who will be able to review with you your options at no cost to you. cs_brandmark_200px.png


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