EV Charging for Multifamily Homes: Advancing Green Living and Convenience.

Posted by Amina Khalaf on Aug 16, 2023 9:10:30 AM

As the world rapidly moves towards sustainable living and environmental consciousness, the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is playing a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and creating a cleaner future. With an increasing number of people choosing electric cars, the need for accessible and convenient EV charging solutions has become paramount, especially for those living in multifamily homes. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of EV charging infrastructure in multifamily properties, address common challenges, and discuss strategies to implement an effective EV charging system.

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Harnessing Technology for Successful Build-to-Rent Developments.

Posted by Sarah Locker on Jun 13, 2023 10:23:13 AM

In recent years, the build-to-rent sector has gained significant traction in the real estate market. With the growing demand for rental properties, developers are exploring innovative ways to streamline operations, enhance tenant experiences, and maximize profitability. Technology plays a pivotal role in achieving these goals. In this blog post, we will delve into the essential technologies needed for successful build-to-rent developments.

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How Our Process Benefits You.

Posted by Sarah Locker on Apr 22, 2022 9:31:44 AM

Our process for the past 25 years to negotiate agreements for your community has been proven sustainable and scalable. We engage with you and your community to understand your technology needs for Internet and TV and get started by negotiating with providers to better the value to your residents.

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What is the Best Agreement for Your Community and Residents?

Posted by Sarah Locker on Mar 7, 2022 7:18:45 AM

The growth of competition in the cable TV and Internet marketplace has revealed the ability for community associations and their residents to access advanced and innovative services.

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Broadband Funding: What It Means for You.

Posted by Sarah Locker on Aug 12, 2021 9:52:07 AM

After a year and a half of COVID-19 and a national shutdown, the government is taking action to ensure broadband infrastructure and connectivity for all Americans become a reality.

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The Need for Speed.

Posted by Sarah Locker on Jul 14, 2021 2:50:44 PM

There's a need, a need for speed. By 2030, a family of four will require symmetrical speeds in their homes of at least 2 Gbps. That's according to the Fiber Broadband Association's (FBA) latest research. The report also stated that fiber is the best option to bring future-ready networks to households. But what about today's need for speed?

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The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program.

Posted by Sarah Locker on Mar 4, 2021 9:11:18 AM

In late February, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved an emergency subsidy to help bridge the digital divide for low-income families during the pandemic. The Emergency Broadband Benefit program will bring affordable Internet service to households for distance working, virtual learning, and critical telehealth care.

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What Makes a Building Smart?

Posted by Sarah Locker on Jan 5, 2021 12:56:56 PM

The term "smart building" has been tossed around a lot lately, but what exactly makes a building smart? The most basic function of a smart building is that the features (water meters, pumps, fire alarms, power, lighting) within it are linked and "talk" to one another. This technology both optimizes building performance by automating multiple processes, such as heating, cooling, and security, and significantly reduces building overheads through intelligent application. Owners and developers are motivated by the improvement to the environment and their bottom-line.

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The Role of Technology in LEED Certification.

Posted by Sarah Locker on Sep 24, 2020 12:19:56 PM

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification is recognized as a globally used green building rating system for all building types to provide the foundation for healthy, efficient, sustainable, and cost-saving green buildings.

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Meet WHIT: The Wellness Smart Home.

Posted by Sarah Locker on Jul 29, 2020 8:11:31 AM

In a recent conversation with Peter Murray of Dense Networks, he had mentioned WHIT, the latest home in smart technology focused on wellness and home innovation.

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