What is the Best Agreement for Your Community and Residents?

Posted by Sarah Locker on Mar 7, 2022 7:18:45 AM
Sarah Locker

The growth of competition in the cable TV and Internet marketplace has revealed the ability for community associations and their residents to access advanced and innovative services.

To better understand this, let's discuss your rights and agreement options with viable providers.

Right of Easement Agreement: this type of agreement also known as a "ROE" extends access rights to providers. The key here is to not give these rights away to providers for free as the providers understand the value of your property and it is imperative that you do as well. This is where we come in to ensure your community is properly assessed through our due diligence.

Providers are then willing to compensate your private community without taking away residents' freedom of choice through programs approved by the FCC and encouraged by the Community Associations Institute (CAI).

This compensation from the providers breaks down into two options:

1) Bulk Agreement: the FCC permits community associations to enter into bulk billing arrangements (where video & Internet service is provided to every resident of a community, at a significant discount from the retail rate that each resident would pay if
he or she contracted with the provider individually). This requires 100% participation of residents. The benefits include future-ready infrastructure, advanced level of services and customer service, network reliability, and appropriate compensation.

2) Marketing Agreement: The FCC permits community associations to enter into non-bulk marketing arrangements (where a community association gives the provider, usually in exchange for some benefit, the exclusive right to certain means of marketing the provider’s service to residents in the community). This option requires 0% participation of residents, and the benefits still include: future-ready infrastructure, advanced level of services and customer service, network reliability, and appropriate compensation.


Below is a quick overview of a bulk agreement versus a marketing agreement for your community.

Different Types Of Bulk Agreements

Within the option of a bulk agreement, there are different types to choose from to best fit the needs of your community and residents.

Bulk Cable TV Agreement

This is the most basic of bulk agreements and provides a discounted rate on cable TV for your residents and is paid through association dues. This means your residents can choose to add Internet service on their own.

Bulk Internet Agreement

Residents require Internet and bulk Internet agreements provide connectivity at a discounted rate. This option allows residents to choose the TV service of their liking, whether it be traditional cable TV or streaming service(s).

Bulk Cable TV and Internet Agreement

This type of bulk agreement combines both cable TV and Internet into one discounted rate for residents and can bring the greatest value to your community. Residents still have the choose to add additional services to this option.


How Do I Choose The Best Agreement For My Community?

The most effective way to determine the best option for your community is to review any existing agreements you may have with providers. If you do not have an existing agreement with a provider, we will conduct a due diligence review of your community to determine the best option for you.

At Converged Services, we have 25 years of experience generating increased revenue and monthly savings for associations through all types of telecommunication agreements. We are here to represent the best interest of your association. Contact us today to learn more. cs_brandmark_200px.png


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