What is Managed WiFi and Why Does It Matter?

Posted by Sarah Locker on Jul 5, 2017 4:51:00 PM
Sarah Locker

You may have read or heard the term "managed WiFi" in the news or from a colleague, as it has been a growing topic of discussion lately. You may be wondering what exactly is managed WiFi and why does it matter?

Managed WiFi provides WiFi internet access for guests, residents and employees throughout a property. The design typically include devices such as wireless controllers, wireless access points, switches and extensive cabling.

Perhaps an easier way of defining managed Wi-Fi is to first define unmanaged WiFi. Unmanaged WiFi is what internet users are most familiar with - using access points (typically from a router in home or at a business) to browse and use the internet. These access points (either from home to home or from business to business) are not connected in any way and are, therefore, considered unmanaged.

An unmanaged access point has its downfalls. The internet signal weakens as you move away from the access point, however your device remains connected to that weakened access point until signal is lost completely. At this point, your device will begin to search for another, closer access point. It is important to emphasize that even as your device approaches a newer, stronger signal than the previous access point, your device will still remain connected to that previous access point because a signal is still being received, even if it is minimal. The effect of this leads to slow-loading, interrupted internet connectivity.

Now, back to managed WiFi.

Managed WiFi.jpg

A managed WiFi system securely and automatically swaps your device's connection to the access point with the best signal throughout a property. This becomes very beneficial not only in a home or office setting, but also among property amenity areas, such as a pool, gym, or clubhouse. Your device will never lose its signal.

Additionally, there are important key features in choosing a managed WiFi system:

  • An outsourced wireless network alleviates the risk in your technology becoming outdated.
  • Managed WiFi is managed by the service provider, so onsite IT support is not needed to ensure the solution is installed, deployed and monitored.
  • Often times, managed WiFi service providers offer more than just managed WiFi. Your property can leverage the service provider's full portfolio, such as internet, video, phone and security products and services.
  • Managed WiFi ensures scalability, allowing growth to not be inhibited by a network's connectivity capabilities.

If you would like your property to go from unmanaged to managed, partner with Converged Services to negotiate with service providers offering a managed WiFi system. To learn more about Converged Services, download our Partnership Guide. cs_brandmark_200px.png


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